New Trends In The Islamic Clothing Market

With Islamic clothing gaining momentum and expanding to encompass different styles,
the market for modest fashion is expected to see considerable market development.
With an estimated compound annual growth rate of around 5.10% in the next 5 years, it
will soon become widely available and enjoy its fair share in the global fashion industry
and textile markets. These projections are heavily influenced by people’s strengthening
religious beliefs and their need to find sustainable yet chic fashion pieces to help them
embrace their faith and fashion goals.
As the times are evolving and cyclical pieces of clothing are becoming trendy fashion
statements, the Islamic clothing market, too, has new trends and styles dominating the
industry. These are some of the most popular modest fashion styles that have entered
the market and are here to stay!

1. Long Tunics And Maxi Dresses For Comfort And Coverage

Instead of layering several items for ideal coverage, many Muslim women are now opting
for long tunics and maxi dresses. Made with lightweight fabrics, these pieces have a
flowy silhouette making them for the warmer months. Available in a wide variety of prints
and colours, these are fashion staples in the wardrobes of most hijabi women or those
who prefer modest dressing.

2. Colourful Abayas And Embroidered Irani Kaftans

Be it for everyday use or special occasions, abayas and kaftans are the go-to dressing
options for Muslim women. If you’re in a hurry and looking for a quick fashion fix, these
are the way to go! With most kaftans and abayas, you don’t have to worry about layering
fabrics or accessories to make them presentable. They offer optimal comfort and modest
fashion solutions that are both on-trend and chic.

3. Turban-Style Draping And Caps For Easy Hijab Styles

You might find that flowy and voluminous hijabs can be tricky to manage if you’re a
woman on the run. Turban-style hijabs and full-coverage caps and hats are becoming
increasingly popular, especially among younger hijabis, to observe modesty and
convenience in their daily styling choices.

4. Turtleneck Bodysuits For Easy Layering

Layering clothes to create an elegant and flattering silhouette to complement your body
is an art form. Opting for full-sleeved, turtleneck bodysuits is one of the easiest ways to
ensure more coverage while also staying on brand.

5. Loose Fitting Pants For Comfort And Pizzaz

You might have noticed that straight-cut jeans, baggy harem pants and palazzo pants are
being women more commonly by many Muslim women. These pants can help you
accentuate your overall look without compromising on the modesty of your fit.
The Growth Of Modest Fashion
With more and more Muslim designers entering the fashion industry, Islamic clothing is
no longer restrictive. Akin to its contemporary counterparts, modest fashion has its target
audience and is constantly evolving to stay at par with new trends and styles dominating
the global fashion industry.