10 Ways to Style Your Hijab

Are you bored of wearing the hijab the same old way? Cheer up as we have brought nine fabulous and unique ways to style your hijab.

Hijab is a beautiful piece of cloth used to cover the head by Muslim women. We understand the importance of the hijab for Muslim women. It highlights the genuine beauty of women uniquely by hiding their hair. But being a hijabi, it sometimes becomes difficult to carry a different look each day to work or College.

So for you, we have enlisted different ways to hold up your hijab and have different looks each day to the office.

1. Simple Hijab Style

This one is the most simple hijab style that is mostly overlooked to carry some complex hijab styles. This is an easier way to style your hijab, and you can secure it in five simple steps.

Step 1: Firstly wear your hand over the head and ensure that the length of the hijab is the same on both ends.

Step 2: Now pin the hijab under the chin to avoid slipping from the head.

Step 3: Take one end of the hijab and put it on the opposite shoulder.

Step 4: Bring that end in front wrapping it around the neck.

Step 5: Finally, spread it properly to cover your chest.

2. Hijab to Show Earnings

Well, earrings add a unique glam to your look. So, why not allow them to dangle from your hijab? Tie your hijab from behind your earlobes to show off your earrings. You will require more pins to secure a hijabĀ from behind. Another way to let your earnings pop out of the hijab is to wear a turban-style hijab. In this style, you pin up your hijab at the nape of your neck instead of the chin.

3. Arabic Hijab Style

Though this may seem similar to the common worm hijab styles, it is quite a different style. It includes wrapping your scarf with more volume. You need to pile up your hair in high updos. In the next step, you must wrap a big scarf around your head and neck several times to get an Arabic hijab look.

4. Hijab With Glasses

Want to wear stylish glasses to your College today? But stressing about hurting yourself? Don't worry; we have got you covered. Wearing shades with a tightly wrapped hijab will keep hurting you the whole day. To avoid that, you can wear a hijab tube cap to cover your head. Above this, wear loosely and put one end over the shoulder, making some flowy structure in front. You can carry this look the whole day comfortably.

5. Hijab With Accessories

Are you planning a party with friends? Stun them with your hijab style today. Use some of your jewelry pieces to decorate your hijab. Wrap the ring and the bracket in the loose ends of your hijab and give it a royal look. Tie your hijab the same old way and add the jewelry as mentioned. It would be best if you used the color contrast jewelry with your hijab for a better appearance.

6. Hijab Covering Chest

Do you want to show off the beautiful print on your hijab? Here's how to show off those prints on the hijab that are hidden by traditional hijab tying. All you need to do is spread one end of the printed hijab covering your chest. You can now tie the rest of it on your head. This way, you can show the glory of your beautifully projected hijab.

7. Knotted Hijab

This hijab style is perfect for winter and those cold days. It would be best if you had a thick woolen cloth for this. Tie it around your head. Tuck in the rest of the part, leaving loose the end of the hijab. Tie a knot with the hanging end of the hijab to complete the look.

8. Floaty Hijab Style

Are you always a latecomer? Then this hijab style is surely very helpful for you. It involves wearing the hijab over your head and turning around both the ends of the hijab from your opposite shoulder to again in the front. You do not require any pins for securing it; keep it loose and floating. Wear a head cap if you feel your hair is seen.

9. Hijab for Bride Look

Are you planning to get married soon? Then this style is for you. It gives a royal feel like a queen. You need to get a matching hijab with your wedding dress. Tie it around your head and neck with two to three turns around. Now take a nice headpiece to attach over the hijab on the head. This will give you a perfect royal look for your wedding day.

10. Tight Wrap Hijab

In College and school, you must undergo many activities, including running for different lectures, sitting for hours in a place, etc. Tying a regular hijab around your neck can be a little uncomfortable for you. So tie it all above your head and secure it with simple pins. Do not drape it over your neck.

Final Words

Try these fabulous hijab styles on different occasions as well as in day-to-day life. Secure the hijabs with pins wherever necessary and flaunt these beautiful styles wherever you go.