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Buy Designer Abaya Burkha Online

Abayas are loose robe-like cloth that women use as overgarments. Muslim women all over the world and essentially in the arabic countries wear abayas. Mostly women in the middle east, north Africa, Arabian peninsula are seen wearing Abaya Burkha.

These abayas are the perfect additions to your wardrobe if you’re looking to bring together style and modesty. We bring to you gorgeously embroidered best abayas in India for the ultimate sense of chic and comfort. Frilled or even pleated, we offer premium quality abayas at affordable rates for your everyday use. Our bold, front open abayas are ideal for layering and introducing new textures to elevate your outfit. With matching georgette scarves, you don’t need to worry about mixing and matching or pattern clashes when you reach out for your abaya.

These abayas are made with breathable and light fabrics to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Browse through our collection of luxe abayas for traditional, casual and contemporary options that you can flaunt all year round. Crafted to help you embrace modesty and comfort, Nabia’s range of best quality abayas in India will cater to all your essential styling requirements.

Make the Right Impression with the Best Abayas in India

Being a hijabi it is difficult for Muslim women to find modest clothes. Abayas are one of them but finding a decent one among them is a little difficult. Nabia has a wide range of modest and decent abayas and a unique and attractive Abaya Naqab Design.

Nabia makes abayas with top-quality fabrics such as georgette, silk, and cotton. These designs are very sophisticated and the colors are very pretty. It is one stop for Abaya Online Shopping India. The abayas at Nabia give the ultimate sense of chic and comfort.

Different types of Abayas at Nabia are

Closed Abayas

These are the traditional abaya that women in Arab countries wear. It is an adequate abaya for those who want a sophisticated-looking abaya.

Kaftan Abayas

It is in the form of a very loose gown. It is best for women who wish to conceal their figures. Nabia makes kaftan abayas in a loose gown pattern that you can wear on summer days without feeling too hot in them.

Open button Abayas (Front Open Abayas)

These are somewhat similar to the denim jacket that has buttons but is mostly kept open. Open button abayas have buttons all over but can be used as a shrug and kept open. Alternatively, you can also close the buttons when required.

Denim Abayas

Denim abayas are the most unique and trendy pattern of abayas. If you want to look fashionable in abayas go for the denim abayas. Nabia makes these abayas with breathable soft denim material that you can wear on any occasion. Buy Abaya Online India from the exclusive collection of Nabia.

Shrug-attached abayas

These are the perfect fashion statement that can be worn to a party at a friend's place. It comes with a shrug attached and also a belt to tie up a shrug over it. The base abaya is of a solid color while the shrug has a floral print. This makes the shrug abaya simply attractive.

Maxi Abayas

These are another very different pattern of abayas. They appear like maxi. Nabia designs these maxi abayas with frills at the bottom. These are looser than the standard abayas and look very beautiful.

Nabia provides abayas with matching georgette scarves that help you to keep up with the fashion makes it the best site for Abaya Online Shopping India. You do not need to visit any other store to find the matching scarf for your abayas. Add the abayas to your cart and get contemporary, casual, trendy abayas that you can flaunt all year round on different occasions and delivered to your address.