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Plain Kaftans for Daily Wear

Kaftans are a traditional dress of the Muslim community. The conventional form of a kaftan dress reaches up to the ankle and has long bell pattern sleeves. It is an integral part of the wardrobe for any Muslim woman.

Nowadays, the fashion industry has introduced many variants of kaftans. The kaftans that reach up to their knees have elbow-length sleeves and are shorter in size than the kaftan circle. These are available in numerous colours and materials on the market. But one must not forget that these kaftans aren't the traditional forms of the Kaftan; these are the modified ones.

But thank God there are still few manufacturers that design the original traditional forms of the Kaftan. Nabia is one such store to buy an original standard form of Plain Kaftan online. Plain kaftans are generally used as daily ethnic wear by Muslim women. We make many plain kaftans with the exclusive fabric of Nida matte. It is very soft and easy to carry.

Why buy Plain kaftan from Nabia?

The Right length of kaftan

Kaftan dresses are available in both short and long forms. But we make the traditional kaftans have the proper length. The appropriate length implies the length that should reach your ankles. We keep the modesty of Islamic women in mind and keep the standard size of 56 inches for all the kaftans.

You can wear long floor-length plain kaftans to formal events such as a meeting at your office, an appointment with a committee, elsewhere, etc.

The material of Kaftan

Another significant factor to consider while purchasing Kaftan is its material. Nabia makes Plain Kaftan with a lightweight fabric that is easy to carry for the whole day. The material is soft and with a matte finish. This material is soft and thus imparts good fall to the kaftan dress. We use perfect slow fabric that enhances the way the Kaftan looks.

Some plain kaftan dresses at Nabia are engraved with pearls. These are available in various solid colours with matte finishes such as blue, pink, and green. These Pearl dresses can be a unique addition to your collection of kaftans. They have a beautiful black-coloured border at the end of the Kaftan.

Plain Kaftan with solid colours and the one enhanced with pearl design is an enduring addition to your wardrobe collection. So, go through the Plain Kaftan section of Nabia and get the unique piece to your wardrobe.