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Islam indicates every woman to dress authentically and consciously. Abayas are one such dress that represents the modesty of Islamic women. They are the sign of the highest purity.

Abayas are the loose-fit Islamic attire that Islamic women wear in some parts of the world. Among the different patterns of abayas, front open abayas are the most attractive ones. Nabia makes the most glamorous and modest front open abayas that give you a bold and assertive look. These front-open abayas are ideal for layering and elevating your outfit. Wear it daily or for a special day, you can always flaunt it.

Front open abayas at Nabia come with Long sleeves that are either cuffed or plain loose sleeves. These abayas are with a standard length of fifty-six inches. These come with either a long pocket or two pockets on the two sides. The fabric of the front open abaya is Rayon, crepe, or georgette.

The material of abayas at Nabia is soft and breathable. The lightweight materials of the abayas are easy to carry. The variant designs of the abayas such as polka dots, denim, striped, and solid colours make them very beautiful to wear. You can either dry clean or machine wash it. You don't need to do special hand washing of the abayas available at Nabia.

These are available in solid colours or striped patterns.

Striped front open abaya

The striped pattern is the most trendy in shirts and t-shirts. But Nabia uses this pattern to design front open abayas. The strips are of different colours such as red white stripes, black-white stripes, blue-white stripes front open abayas, etc. These Abayas look very trendy and classy.

Solid colour front open abaya

A solid colour abaya leaves a fashion statement when you wear it on any occasion. It is best for a casual look but you can also wear it for different occasions. This is a contemporary option that you can flaunt all over the year.

Some of them are available with different flares that are very stylish. Fashionable designs in modest patterns of abayas make them sophisticated wear for special occasions.

The unique collection of front open abayas at Nabia is the one every Abaya-wearing woman should have in their wardrobe. Pick the best of the collection and flaunt the Abayas from Nabia. You can book these front-open abayas easily on the site.