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Flaunt Your Look with a Shrug Abaya

Finding something fashionable yet modest is often difficult for Hijabi Muslim women they prefer to wear an abaya as a modest dress. Abaya is the traditional wear for Islamic women in many parts of the world. It is a sign of purity for Muslim women and is thus very important to them. But to look chic while wearing the traditional abaya is a dream for every woman wearing the abaya.

Shrug abaya is one pattern of abaya that takes it to the next level of fashion. These kinds of abaya have shrug attached to the plain abaya. Nabia makes one of the most stylish shrugs over abayas and we have a huge array of shrug pattern abaya. These are available in floral design, plain shrug, short shrug, etc.

Floral pattern

Floral shrug abaya is the best-selling among the collection of Nabia. This abaya is quite trendy and makes up the best dress for a day out with friends. It is usually made up of two types of fabric. One is Nida matte and the other one is chiffon. We use Chiffon cloth to make the outer shrug while for the inner cloth we use Nida matte material.

Nabia uses vibrant colours to make the floral design over the shrug abaya. This floral pattern shrug abaya is available in different colour ranges at Nabia. We provide the matching belt along with the abaya dress that you can use to secure a shrug over the inner abaya with a belt to give an elegant look to the abaya.

Plain coloured shrug abaya

Nabia makes another very exclusive shrug-abaya with two colour schemes. This consists of the combination of two colours. One of the combinations that look very attractive, consists of a black-coloured little transparent shrug over the rust-coloured Rida matte fabric abaya. You can flaunt this shrug abaya on special occasions like a housewarming party.

You get the georgette scarf along with the abaya at Nabia. So you don't need to keep on finding the matching scarf over the abayas. All the abayas at Nabia consist of a scarf in the package.

The speciality of Nabia shrug abaya

Nabia designs all the abayas with ultimate care and keeping in mind the modesty of the Islamic women. All the abayas have a proper length of 57 inches that covers the entire body length without showing anything. All of these abayas also have the proper length of sleeves to cover the entire hand. Nabia gives the abaya the proper size to be properly fit without indicating the figure of the woman wearing it. This is the best part about the abayas at Nabia.

The shrug abaya can be an enduring addition to your collection of abayas. Book the best quality abaya at Nabia and get it delivered within a few days.