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Style up with the Beautiful Kaftan Collection of Nabia

Kaftan is a long-flowing garment with long sleeves either cuffed or bell sleeves and lengths up to the ankle. In ancient times in the middle east region, men wore button robes which they called kaftan. It had sleeves up to the elbow or even longer than that. Empires of the Ottoman Empire consider it a privilege to wear kaftans at festivals and special occasions.

From being worn as a luxurious dress to only worn by poor people, kaftans have been observed as a fashion trend. However, we think that it has never been out of fashion. Nowadays, a large number of Islamic women in Arab and other countries wear kaftans. Some wear it as a classy outfit, while some wear it as a casual outfit for the day.

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Nabia is one stop to Buy Kaftan Online. We are experts in manufacturing and providing top-quality hijabs, kaftans, khimars, etc., like products for women to wear. We provide premium quality kaftans for daily wear as well as occasional wear.

Nabia has a massive collection of kaftans consisting of embroidered kaftans, solid coloured kaftans, and kaftans with Pearl designs, etc.

Embroidered kaftans

These are the unique types of kaftans that very few manufacturers worldwide manufacture. It is a hand-embroidered kaftan. These are available in different colours and embroidered in different colours. These give a royal look and you can wear them to extraordinary occasions in your life and leave an impression on everyone.

Irani kaftan

Irani kaftans specifically have a different design from the other pattern of kaftans. This has a longer fabric in a circular pattern. At Nabia, we design these Irani kaftans with chikan hand embroidery. This hand embroidery is also done with black-coloured thread. We make these designs near the neck, in the upper half of the kaftan. These have long sleeves with a length of 56 inches.

The fabric we use to make the Iranian kaftan is smooth and soft, which you can wear for longer hours. The materials are lightweight and thus are easy to carry. The major problem that the women face while wearing the kaftan is that it has too much fabric to carry. But Nabia is the best manufacturer of Kaftan Dress Online India. It makes kaftans easily accessible to all women.

Pearl attached kaftan

Pearl-attached kaftans are another speciality of kaftans at Nabia. It has a pearl attached to the upper half of the kaftan. The border of the kaftan is black. These make a fashion statement wherever you go.

With hand-embroidered Chikankari, our Irani kaftans are perfect if you’re looking to elevate your outfit while remaining comfortable. Along with a matching georgette hijab to complete the ensemble, these are the best modest coordinated sets on the market. These Kaftans are crafted with breathable and lightweight fabrics, and our collection of best kaftans in India is highly durable and luxe. Available in a variety of colours and priced at budget-friendly rates, you won’t have to think twice before opting for Nabia’s splendid kaftans.

So, go through the Kaftan collection of Nabia and choose and Buy Kaftan Online India from the unique collection of Nabia. Style up yourself with this kaftan and flaunt wherever you go.