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Glow Up in Modern Pattern Irani Kaftans

Irani kaftan is the new trend in the world of abayas and burqas. These kaftans have designs based on the traditional form of the kaftan but manufacturers around the world modified it to give a modern touch. Many Muslim women in Arab countries and around the world own and wear the Irani kaftan on special occasions. It is a limited edition designer form of the kaftan. We guarantee you to get compliments on the collection of our Irani kaftans wherever you wear them.

We at Nabia manufacture these kaftans with beautiful Nida Matte material. These materials are soft and breathable, and easy to wear and carry. This light material gives a good fall to the kaftans.

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Modesty is the main factor in Muslim women's wear. Nabia designs these Irani kaftan abayas with utmost care. We keep in mind the modesty of Islamic women. The size of the abaya is 56 cm, which reaches the ankle covering all the skin. This size is perfect for women with height upto 5'8 inches. The sleeves are also designed long, keeping in mind the same concept of modesty. We make the sleeves cuffed, so they don't slide up when you raise your hand up in the air.

Embroidered Irani Kaftan

Hand embroidery provides a royal look to the kaftan, and you can wear it anywhere. Professionals at Nabia do the embroidery perfectly to give it a clean and unique look. The embroidery work reaches upto the waist and covers the entire round neck region. The embroidery doesn't come out on easy wash or daily use.

Nabia uses the best polyester material for creating the Irani kaftan. It is a very soft material and machine washable material. You can wash it easily in the washing machine without worrying about the fabric's destruction. These Irani kaftans are available in beautiful colours such as blue, pink, olive green, cream, etc. If you are looking for something sober, go for cream colour, while for a royal look, take pink colour ones.

Balck-coloured Irani kaftan

Black is the traditional colour of the abayas and kaftans. This colour has spiritual importance for Muslim women. So, Nabia uses unique Nidda matte material to synthesize this Balck-coloured Irani kaftan. This burqa at Nabia is a comfortable and stylish choice. Go for it if you want comfort, modesty and fashion in one burqa.

We are experts in making the abaya, burqa and other traditional dresses that Muslim women wear. Black Irani kaftan is amongst our exceptional collections. Please go through our collection of Irani kaftan abaya and glow in modern pattern Irani kaftans.