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The Holy Quran uses the word Khimar to mention head covering. It originates from the phrase "khaimara", which means ghatta. Ghatta in English means to hide something. The holy Quran mentions Khimar in verse " Let them wear Khimar over their Juyub '' Juyub here means chest. So, the Quran says Islamic women to hide their trunks with Khimars.

Some people confuse Khimars with Hijab. But these two serve different purposes. Hijabs are small scarves meant to cover up the head, hair and neck portion. Hijab doesn't cover the shoulder and chest part completely. On the other hand, Khimars are usually too long to reach the waist and shoulder. They cover all that the Holy Quran says the Islamic women to cover.

Khimar is a trendy style that women wear in Egypt. It is a long cape-like veil that people commonly wear all over Egypt and other parts of the world. There are very few manufacturers of proper khimar hijab online. Nabia is among them, and we make the best khimars with top-quality material. For your reference we have given below some of the most popular khimars from our collection.

Floral Khimars

Floral khimars are one of the best among the collection of Nabia. We make these with Different coloured floral printed material. The material is Nida Matte. This is the best material any khimar can be made of. These reach to the waist and cover everything that a Muslim woman must cover. It has a knot in the neck part to adjust the Khimar over the neck.

Black Coloured Layer Khimar.

We make these Khimars with shiny black material. The softness of the fabric gives it flowy layers that reach to a woman's waist. The layers give it a chic look that makes it fit to be worn on special days. These layers are only present on the front side of the Khimar. The back side of the Khimar is plain.

Plain Black Khimars

We have the plain black Khimar available in two types of material. One is lycra material. It is an entirely opaque material that doesn't allow anything to be seen. It reaches up to the shoulder and is easy to carry the whole day. We make one another pattern of plain black colour using georgette material. It has nice frills and reaches up to the shoulder.

Khimars signify the modesty of the Islamic women, and Nabia designs Khimars keeping in mind the modesty of Islamic women, making it best stop to Buy Khimar Online In India. So, go through the unique collection of Khimars at Nabia and add the best Khimars to your wardrobe.