Islamic Modest Clothing Styles for Women for Eid al-Adha 2022

Eid al-Adha 2022 is knocking on the doors and the world is about to get busy with the festivities. Good food, good clothes, meeting loved ones, and the best celebrations are about to hit the houses.

In such a case, while it is important for gorgeous women to decorate their home, they must adorn themselves as well in the best festive attire. Generally, there is a wide range of products in Islamic clothing for women. However, choosing the best and the most amazing look could be a bit tricky every single year.

At this point, you must be wondering what to wear this festive season; are you?

Well, we have brought for you a list of clothing materials and styles that are tailor-made for the festive seasons. And they offer you a totally different look against the mundane styles.

Take a look at these utterly stylish clothing products that will definitely suit your interest for the festive season:

Festive Clothing for Women:


Abayas for Women

Abayas are known by different names and some people also call them abaya burkha, burqa, and chador etc. You might already know that this is loose-fitting apparel women wear over the main apparel for various reasons. They cover their body entirely and offer a traditional appearance as well.

However, apart from being traditional, it’s time to flaunt your style as well. You can go for some trendy and stylish abayas that are made of comfortable clothing materials.

Apart from being in traditional black colors, these are available in various other shades and designs. Plus, they could be tailored according to your fitting.

Abayas are available in various styles such as Front Open Abayas, Umbrella Abaya, Shrugs Abayas, Anarkali Abaya, Batwing Abaya, Short Abaya, Flared Abaya, apart from Plain Abayas. They are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions and suit women of all ages.

So get yourself some stylish abayas and rock this festive season in a mix of style and comfort while following the traditions as well.



Kaftans for Women

While Kaftans were traditionally worn by Sultans and women in empires, these are a popular form of clothing these days, especially during the festive seasons.

Kaftans are a piece of clothing that delivers a mix of modesty and comfort. While they are highly stylish, they have a long and fluid structure. It would cover your entire body and fit women of all shapes and sizes.

It consists of flaps similar to batwings on all the sides and offers you a really special appearance, especially on special days. Kaftans too could occur in a variety of styles. Some of the most popular ones are Irani Kaftan, Takchita Kaftans, Islamic Kaftans, Jalabiya Kaftans, Farasha Kaftans, Moroccan Kaftans and plain Kaftan etc.


Salwar Kameez:

Also known as the salwar suit, the salwar kameez is an item of popular clothing all across the world and in many cultures. It holds its traditional value and at the same time, it offers a very stylish appearance as well. Besides, it ticks all the boxes of comfort and can be tailor-made according to your body.

But while it’s the festive season, you must be looking for the most fashionable options. Well, you can choose from various styles. These include Anarkali suits, churidar suits, Punjabi suits, palazzo suits, Pakistani suits, straight cut suits, and sharara designs as well.

These are the kind of clothing that occur in the widest variety of designs, all your favorite fabrics, and innumerable colors. And apart from the festivals, you can wear them to workplaces, home, and any other special occasions.

So choose the best varieties of salwar kameez and make sure all the eyes stay on you during this festive season.



Hijab for Women

Did you ever do online shopping for hijabs? Well, if you always bought your hijabs from offline stores, now is the time to discover some new trends by shopping online.

Hijab is one of the necessary outfits on any festive occasion and while the traditional ones are extremely popular still, there are some utterly stylish ones as well. You can choose some trendy hijabs that can easily cover your head and fit perfectly.

These are available in varieties such as traditional hijabs, prayer hijabs, fancy hijabs and the ones for the hajj.

While you get the most fashionable versions, make sure to check the quality of these clothing materials as well. And you can make them look even prettier by coupling them with a headband.



Naqab for Women

Many women consider the niqab an accessory. However, this is surely one of the most important clothing products in Islamic culture. This covers your face when you need it and can cover your head, hair and shoulders as well.

Although any regular piece of dupatta or clothing can serve as a naqab and when you buy abayas, naqab designs are also easily available according to it.

Nowadays, there are many different varieties of naqabs available for women, and these range from traditional ones to the latest, stylish ones. You can stitch them out of your favorite fabric or buy custom naqabs online at various online stores.

Nowadays, women prefer naqabs that match their attire. And even you can choose a really good naqab style according to the dress you are buying for the festive season. No more are the naqabs limited to just a black piece of clothing. They occur in various styles and colors and you can embroider them as well.

These are some of the most beautiful Islamic modest clothing styles for women for Eid al-Adha 2022. You can pick any of these stylish dress materials to create an amazing experience.

Stay stylish, stay trendy and make the most of this festive season by choosing the best clothing materials that not only fit your style but also keep you comfortable. And if you are choosing any other latest fashionable apparel for the festive season, do mention it in the comment section.

What are you choosing this festive season?