How to elevate your look while wearing a kaftan dress?

Kaftan is a loose, long-flowing garment typically designed and worn by Islamic women. The word kaftan originated in Turkey, and in their language, kaftan means long skirt. Many Kings and folks, such as Assyrians and Egyptians, used to wear this long garment very commonly.

Furthermore, Kaftans have been primarily worn in Middle east Asia, East Asia, and Southworth Asia. Later in the 13th century, Europe was introduced to this new clothing style. They traded with Turk traders, who gave them information regarding this kaftan dress. Since then, they have brought many changes to this stylish kaftan dress.

Choose The Suitable Fabric Kaftan.

Choose the suitable fabric kaftan

The suitable kaftan fabric is responsible for elevating your look while you wear it on any occasion. If the material of the kaftan is too flowy, it will make it look oversized for you. So, choose a soft but stiff material that keeps the pattern of the kaftan stiff and gives you a chic appearance.

Pair Up with The Right Kind of Footwear

The proper footwear adds a lot of fashion to your simple look. Kaftans are simple, flowy dresses, so you should never pair them up with simple sneakers. Either choose a nice joti or heels to complete the look. If you are wearing colorful kaftans, then select some contrast-colored heels to lift your face.

Choose the heels with a good shimmer look to make you ready to slay on a party night. Heels with diamonds attached to them are another elegant option to lift your loom for special occasions. You can also wear trendy naked or silver high heels to look terrific.

Proper Accessories

Accessories are an essential part of enhancing your glimpse in a kaftan dress. If your kaftan gown is simple, you can add some glittering delicate neck pieces or statement jewelry. You can also pair the dress with the lengthy earnings without any extra jewelry around your neck. You can add a classy look by wearing a simple and elegant bracelet on your wrist.

If you already have a shimmered, embroidered kaftan outfit, avoid adding any more jewelry. Pair your dress with an elegant watch and beautiful pearl rings in your hand. You can always choose to add a belt on your waist to enhance your look while wearing a kaftan dress.

Don't Forget to Wear a Matching Hijab to Cover Your Head

Matching Hijab with Kaftan

Your modest look is incomplete without a proper hijab. Learn different ways to wear a hijab. According to the pattern of your kaftan, you can style your hijab over it. If you have a plain kaftan, you can choose a lovely colorful hijab and wear it to cover your chest. This will add a different look to your simple kaftan dress.

If you already have an embroidered kaftan, tie up your hijab to cover your head and shoulder. Wear a nice brochure over the hijab to enhance your look. If you have a nice pair of earrings to pair up with your outfit, tie your hijab to show off your beautiful earring. You can also secure your hijab to hide your hair without allowing it to reach your neck and shoulder. This hijab style is known as a turban style. Wear this hijab with the same colour as your kaftan.

Elevate your look in kaftan

We have mentioned several ways in which you can style and elevate your look while wearing kaftan. You can use your fashion sense to style up your kaftan in mentioned ideas. Add some jewelry, a nice pair of heels and a perfectly set hijab to make your look fashionable in a modest way.