Hire Mali/Gardener for Garden & Lawn maintenance:

We understand how much energy it takes to maintain your garden. Tasks like pruning, manuring, weeding and general upkeep can be challenging if you don’t have a regular gardener helping you.

Time is one of the biggest factors that we fail to take proper care of our green spaces, and without care, our beautiful garden might turn into a wild corner. Nuha offers Mali/Gardener Services in Delhi/NCR with flexible options to meet client requirements, where we have traditional trained Malis as well as certifies plant doctors, they can be hired on hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis

We offer regular maintenance services for your garden needs. Contact NUHA @ +919818989867 / info@nuhaonline.com and we will be able to fix up a time and date for our gardener to come over.



      Pruning, Trimming, Topiary


       Weed Control


           Pest Control



Lawn Care


     Harvest & planting


  • We do Pest control using Organic Neem Oil
  • We use only Organic Farmyard Manure

Happy Gardening!